Down Syndrome Treatment

Can it be treated?

People born with Down syndrome have always been considered to be incurably developmentally delayed—until now. In the past few years a number of laboratories have uncovered critical drug targets within disabled chemical pathways in the brain that might be restored with medication. At least two clinical trials are currently studying the effects of such treatments on pe...

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Autism Research

New Knowledge Found In Autism

Their was a review, conducted by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)-funded Vanderbilt Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC), it updates a prior systematic review of the interventions for children (up to age 12) with a focus on recent studies of behavioral interventions. Study authors said the quality of researc...

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Nice Summer Snack!

Getting kind of hungry in this hot summer fun?

Well go watch a movie on your tv and make homemade kettle corn. Yes, i said homeade its easy and delecious. All you will need is vegetable oil. popcorn kernels, suguar and salt. Go follow the directions here ht...

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