Lets Find Out!

Are you bored or not entertained during your summer break? Well let’s change that right now! You can get tickets to the diamond backs game and watch them play a fierce opponent. If that’s not your type of fun then you can go kayak the Verde River. The Verde River is a public land and opened to anyone for kayaking, just make sure you have the proper equipment.  If you’re not an outside type of person then just do something simple with your friends and go watch a new movie. That’s always fun especially the taste of movie theatre popcorn. Being with your friends is always a fun time. If you like animals then go to the phoenix zoo. The phoenix zoo has a lot of cool animals, such as their tiger and the admission fee is very cheap for people with a whole in their pocket. If you’re a culture type person I suggest you go to the Grand Canyon and view the landscape. Take a lot of wonderful pictures with that type of landscape. That is plenty of suggestions for you to do, so get out and have fun!

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