Is Their A Cure For Autism?

We Still Have Hope!

Researchers in college have found a treatment for a rare, hereditary form of autism. The scientists tested the genomes of six children with both autism and epilepsy from three Middle Eastern families. The end result of the test is that there bodies needed branched chained amino acids, which the children had little of, and can only be obtained through food. The scienti...

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Down Syndrome News

Targeting An Aspect Of Down Syndrome

Researchers have determined how a gene that is known to be defective in Down Syndrome is regulated and how its dysregulation may lead to neurological defects, providing insights into potential therapeutic approaches to an aspect of the syndrome.  See more information at ht...

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Possible Epilepsy Treatment?

Lets Find Out!

Researchers from North Carolina State University have mapped the areas of the cerebral cortex implicated in absence epilepsy in mice. What is more, the researchers have shown how transplanting embryonic neural cells into these affected areas can reduce seizure activity, leading to hope of new treatments for humans with absence epilepsy. Read more at Read More