Hot Days Aren’t Fun!


It is very intense outside with a staggering average of 100 degrees every day. Don't you just hate sweating and need something fun to do with your child? Well I found the perfect activity to do. Go out and swim at the KROC Center on October 8th for free from 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm! You can go there on a daily basis but it will cost a...

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Possible Epilepsy Treatment?

Lets Find Out!

Researchers from North Carolina State University have mapped the areas of the cerebral cortex implicated in absence epilepsy in mice. What is more, the researchers have shown how transplanting embryonic neural cells into these affected areas can reduce seizure activity, leading to hope of new treatments for humans with absence epilepsy. Read more at Read More

Summer is Ending…

What to do before it's over?

Get out and have fun before summer is over. We have a nice selection of summer fun activities to do instead of you sitting around the house bored! You can save a lot of money and have a back yard waterpark. Get you water holes and have fun with the water and cool down in this AZ hot weather. CHOO CHOO! A lot of children love trains, so I suggest you ride a tr...

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