Who We Are

Choices Day Treatment Centers is an organization focused on realizing the potential within each individual, empowering people with special needs, and providing opportunity for growth through quality service.

At Choices Day Treatment Centers, we truly care about helping to enrich the quality of life for our members. We want to do this by educating families, having the best team of caregivers that are trained to provide excellent services, and empowering members to make progress in their therapies.


Our Vision: Potential

We believe every person has immense potential within them. We recognize that individuals with developmental disabilities have the same desires and needs as those without disabilities and we believe they should be able to achieve the same quality of life. Our visions is that each member can live as full of a life as they choose.

Our Mission: Empowerment

It is our mission to provide exceptional day treatment services for individuals with special needs with a focus on empowering the individual to make and achieve goals. We seek to value the dreams, aspirations, and vision of our members and support them in achieving the highest level of self-sufficiency and independence.

Our Goal: Opportunity

Our goal is to encourage independence for those with developmental disabilities by creating an environment when members are presented with opportunities to learn and progress at their own pace. Our staff are here to help members appreciate everyday decisions as the building blocks of progress. By honoring these small but powerful moments, we can collaborate with members to realize their aspirations.  By creating a unique experience, having quality programs, and providing convenient locations, our goal is to be the best solution for one of the most richly diverse populated areas of the country.