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At Choices DTA we believe that those with special needs are unique. We provide treatment services for clients with special needs and while our clients may have similar needs we provide a unique experience that will help them achieve positive treatment results.


Comprehensive services based on individualized needs.

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One provider, multiple
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  • We appreciate the progress you have made with our son, as well as all the love and respect you have shown him as well as the rest of our family. You have an exceptional program and we would highly recommend you anytime.

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82 Summer Activities for Families with Special Needs

Between June and September my kids have 82 days of summer vacation, and I’ve promised them something fun every single day.  That means I need 82 fun summer activities for one child with a developmental disability and one child who refuses to participate in most activities.  It’ll be a piece of cake, right? Borrowing the […]

Acceptance of a Child with Special Needs

When my son Daniel was only eleven months old, I went for my annual check-up with my obstetrician. While I waited for my name to be called my mind drifted. I had spent a lot of time there the previous year, preparing for Daniel’s birth. The smell of the office was familiar and made my […]

As a Mom, I Need To Be Mothered At Times

“I’ve got a sinus infection,”  I texted the friend who was picking me up at an unfamiliar airport in an unfamiliar town. “Do you have any antibiotics?” “We’ve got your back,” she replied. She wasn’t kidding. When she delivered me to our destination, she and my other friends had arranged an array of medications on […]