You Are Wonderful!

Knowing that today is Mother’s Day, I want to tell all you beautiful Mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day! Did you know about 8 million children are born with a birth defect. Some may think it is a very sad and depressing moment of life, but there’s a lot of positive wonders out there for a special need child and his mom. The joy of having a kid, is one of the best moments of a moms life, then to know that he or she has a birth defect may make a mother a bit sad, but it’s a blessing to produce life on earth. The child may not be the same as the other kids at the play ground, cause he can’t do certain things or say certain things, but there is much mother bonding to be done cause he or she needs more help than others. It is very stressful to raise a young child with a disability, always having to worry about the child being in danger or being harmed, just calm down! All mothers out there need to care for themselves as much as they do their kids. It can be very stressing and depressing for a mother and may freak a mother out, so make sure you still talk to friends, treat your self to dinners and enjoy the park with your kid. domain dns info . If you’re feeling happy and connected, you’ll have more energy for your child. Balance is physical and mental health, spending time with loved ones will always make you happy. To all you gorgeous mothers out there, stay strong and proud and let no one tell you different.
Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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