82 Summer Activities for Families with Special Needs

Outings 7/6/2017 No Comments

Keeping kids entertained for the entire summer can be daunting but here are 82 fun summer activities for children with a de...

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Improving Communication For Parents to Enforce Rules

For parents of children with special needs, creating a happy home for everyone depends on maintaining a tailored routine. This structure will ...

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10 Alarm Clocks for Children with Sensory Challenges

Is waking your child up in the morning a battle that gets everybody’s da...

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Guided Relaxation for Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs don’t have it easy and they are often stressed as they struggle to "fit in" and Read More

The Challenge of Children with Special Needs

Labels abound, some of them distasteful, some inaccurate, some just in vogue, others useful to understanding and plann...

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Care Planning Process for Children with Special Needs

What does it take to create and implement an effective, family-centered plan of care for a...

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10 Ways Get Organized in 2017

Organization for families of children with special needs comes in al...

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Fun (And Free) Places to Take Your Loved One

As a parent or caregiver of someone with a special need, you may be constantly looking for new places to take them to expand his horizons, and simply to have fun, without breaking the bank.

When ...

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10 Special Needs Organizations You Should Know About

In case you aren’t already aware, there’s a plethora of organizations offering...

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The Benefits of Quality Respite Care

As a parent raising a child with a disability, you m...

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